We are a team that works
in the Agile methodology.

Product development is divided into up to one month iterations. After each
sprint we deliver a working version of the product.

You can trust us. We turn your ideas into reality.

About Us

Our team consists of creative people for whom the basic goal is constant development. We create applications using the latest available technologies on the market. Projects implemented by us are characterized by professionalism and full satisfaction of the client's expectations. Do you have an idea? We will help you transform it into an award-winning application.

Our Services

Mobile development

We create cross-platform and location-based applications. Build a unique mobile application with a beautiful user interface tailored to the customer's needs.

Web development

We make progressive internet applications, Node.JS, Angular.JS and React.JS. Develop your business with a great internet application based on the latest technologies.

IT consulting

If you need consultations in the field of IT, please contact us. Our team will help you solve your problem. In addition, we recruit employees in the IT area.

Work Process

01. Kickoff

Each project starts with the meeting of the whole team. It is important that your business goals are understandable for each of our employees.

02. UX Design

This is the stage in which we help to solve the problem and create the impression of user satisfaction.

03. Visual Design

Our team takes your idea to the next level. With the help of developer tools, we present visualization in the form of a mock-up.

04. Development

We create a solution to your problem. Our code is transparent. We work through the latest technologies and solutions.

05. Product Launch

The product we create is subject to quality control and testing. We want to be sure that you and your clients will receive what you expect.


BlueDiamondDev is looking for Frontend, Backend and UX / UI developers. If you are interested in working in our company, please leave us your CV.